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About Sage Bodywork

Sage Bodywork is a Holistic Healing organization offering intuitive guidance for alignment within all aspects of Being: Body, Mind, Emotion, and Spirit. We infuse a variety of modalities in all our work that assist with an integration of the whole self so you can live your best life, Now!

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Service of the highest good to end individual and collective suffering. Sage Bodywork offers connective, intuitive, and loving touch to facilitate healing through alignment of the body, mind, emotion, and spirit. We help build connection with self, community, and the greater good so we may offer our gifts and creative ability for the benefit of all.

Phil Spisak, LMT

Do you prefer a Deep Tissue Massage and want to experience a twist your body will crave?

Phil Spisak is traditionally trained in Thai Massage, certified from WatPo Thai Traditional Medical School, and a graduate of A Gathering Place Massage Therapy School. Phil also has completed Acro Yoga Teacher Training at AcroLove, practiced traditional yoga for a number of years, and played sports a of his life. In addition to his extensive background in body awareness, movement, and intuitive touch, he holds two Bachelors of Arts degrees in Classical Studies and Psychology. His background uniquely equips him to recognize and emphasize the importance of the Mind-Body-Emotion-Spirit connection. Phil offers his bodywork from a holistic and unconditionally loving approach to meet your needs.

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